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Science of Creating Miracles Personal Consulting

Dr. Larry Farwell offers personal consulting in the Science of Creating Miracles.  

Dr. Farwell is a scientific consultant, not a coach or a therapist. 

What is the difference? If you goal is to build a rocket and fly to the moon in it, a coach, a therapist, and a scientific consultant will have different roles. A coach may help to motivate you to accomplish the task, monitor your progress, and provide accountability, encouragement, and guidance. A coach need not have any expertise in building or flying rockets.  He/she seeks to help you to discover for yourself a way to accomplish that. A therapist may help you to address and resolve any psychological problems that may be interfering with your accomplishing that goal, or with other aspects of your life. 

A scientific consultant in this field is a rocket scientist who will equip you with the necessary expertise and training to build the rocket and fly it to the moon. 

Dr. Larry Farwell is the world’s leading expert in the Science of Creating Miracles. He is the equivalent of a world-class rocket scientist in the particular scientific field of the Science of Creating Miracles. As a consultant, he will provide you with the necessary tools and training to create miracles in all areas of your life – your career, relationships, personal pursuits, fitness, health and well-being, spiritual life, creative expressions of all kinds, and whatever you do for enjoyment. As a neuroscientist and expert in using the brain as a quantum computer, he will train you in proven techniques for using your brain for maximum success, happiness, achievement, and fulfillment in life.  He will provide you with specific proven techniques to go from having visions, aspirations, and dreams to actualizing and living those visions, aspirations, and dreams in the real world.  He will train you in these techniques and guide you in using them to create the life of your dreams, and to live that life. 

Dr. Larry Farwell offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all Science of Creating Miracles Personal Consulting sessions. If you are anything less than totally delighted with what you receive, you pay nothing for the session, no questions asked. (Actually, if that ever happens – it never has yet – we may request that the client answer a question or two, but only for the purpose of improving our offerings.) 

Science of Creating Miracles Personal Consulting sessions are $1,000 per hour for the general public (in ¼-hour increments, one hour minimum). A discounted rate of $200 per hour is available for participants and graduates of many other personal development programs.  Student rate of $99 per hour applies to anyone registered in the Science of Creating Miracles workshops as well as other students. (Feel free to email any questions about discounted and student rates. If you think you qualify, you probably do.)  Payment is made upon completion of the session. This may allow for extending the scheduled session at client’s request, based on Dr. Larry’s availability.  

To schedule a Science of Creating Miracles Personal Consulting session with Dr. Larry Farwell, email Please include your name, email address, phone number, time zone, and preferred days and times.