The Science of Creating Miracles

Neuroscience, Quantum Physics, and Living the Life of Your Dreams

For centuries, people have been fascinated by miracles. Now for the first time, Dr. Farwell’s revolutionary research in neuroscience and quantum physics has brought the process of creating miracles within the realm of science. In collaboration with his late father, renowned physicist Professor George Farwell, he has conducted and published pioneering research on the role of consciousness in human life and the universe. He demonstrated in the scientific laboratory that humans can use consciousness to command the physical world and literally create miracles in their lives.

The Science of Creating Miracles is a proven technology that can be learned, practiced, and experienced by anyone…anytime. Dr. Farwell’s scientific research proves we can create miracles at will.

In the Science of Creating Miracles Workshop you will learn practical techniques to apply the Science of Creating Miracles to create miracles in your own life, to live the life of your dreams.